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Many Books

Hold The Line


Nate Berkstein, son of the wealthy Berkstein family, is deeply wounded by a devastating betrayal that threatens to ruin his life. Will he ever be able to forgive and move on?

Rellie Sachs, orphaned of both parents as a young teen, is sharp and cynical. She’s built a wall around her heart to prove to the world that she can manage on her own. But can she really? It takes two global disasters, the Great War and the flu pandemic, to get both Nate and Rellie to face their pain and answer some life-altering questions.

In this fascinating historical novel, talented author Brocha Miller takes her readers on a riveting journey through the early 1900s from the Model T Fords on the streets of Detroit to the army tanks in the trenches of France. Tune in to the courage of two confused young people as they learn to make peace with themselves and those around them.

Ripples In Time


A collection of historical fiction. This stunning collection of short stories will take you on a journey worldwide, spanning centuries and cycles of Jewish life: In ancient Israel, a princess is torn apart by her suspicions.

In Medieval Germany, a bride must choose her true destiny. In Colonial America, an encounter with a general sends a young lady on the correct path. In ancient Persia, a palace official must navigate court intrigue. In Revolutionary France, a passionate fighter for freedom gets carried away. The mini-serial, originally published as Relative Theories, showcases two sisters as they struggle to find their place in a world of shifting alliances and changing relationships.

Ripples in Time is replete with historical detail and fascinating characters, with stories that bridge worlds and resonate across time.

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